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Top Level Domain or tld

The choice of the right top-level-domain has just become that much more complicated with the introduction of premium top level domains.

The options are however logical and one can quickly work out what is right by considering:

- What it is you do?

Business - .co, Non profit - .org

- Where do you do it?

International - .com, United Kingdom - South Africa -

What is so special about a domain name?

Well that's easy, it's unique, so unique in fact that once you have bought it, you are guaranteed to be the only person in the world to own it.  A tld forms part of your website address on the Internet usually the last few characters such as the dot and the word "com" after the name you selected.

Webnerd are able to link the address for all your email accounts as well as your website.  Once you have these setup Webnerd will set up an SSL certificate to assure a visitor to your website that the domain is related to the website they are visiting.

If you would like the visitor to know that the company that they are dealing with (your company) has also been validated then you should consider an extended validation certificate or EV.

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