What is wingman?

The Webnerd Sales Cloud solution - better known as Wingman.

  • Do you know who your salesperson spoke to last?
  • Do you know what information the salesperson sent to a contact?
  • Can your customer communicate with your sales team from your website?
  • Do you know how much business your sales team will bring in over the next six months?
  • Can you send all profiled customers information via email or SMS?
  • Do you know which product of yours, your customer was looking at on your site recently?

Would you like to?

What is Wingman?


The need for a system to gather valuable business data has existed since way before computers were even thought of. Tickler boxes (a plastic box that held A5 sized lined-cards that one could write on) were relatively effective as each card could contain loads of information about the client, however this was limited to the size of the card. Since the advent of computers, businesses have gone to great lengths to procure/create a system that
can allow each team-member to report back what is going on in their respective departments.
Before Wingman the challenge was to create a system which all staff are eager to use and which is set-up to harvest as much useful information as is possible. This is where it got tricky as the system was either very complicated and thus intimidating for the average user
or too simple and thus unable to deliver meaningful analysis.

The solution

Wingman is designed to offer the marketer an easy to use environment, focused on speed of access to client and company information while offering management meaningful back-end research and data that can be used to redirect or simply just accelerate the direction of the business.
The various Wingman forms have replaced the tickler box cards and contain information about a prospect as well as a prospect’s company - with enough space to add even more.

  • What happened with this client?
  • Which product does this client usually buy?
  • Which documents has this client received in the past?
  • Did this client read the last bulk mailer?
  • Does this client respond better to SMS or phone calls?

The answers to these questions and many others are continually collected by the system, meaning that any person connecting to the system at a later date is instantly up-to-date and can sound informed and thus professional when dealing with the client.
Wingman’s bulk email and SMS facilities means being able to communicate critical information to thousands of customers in seconds.
Wingman focuses on three key areas of marketing:

  • Universal Reception
  • Microsites
  • Sales and Customer Relations

Some advantages of using Wingman

How important is it for you to know how many people are visiting your website – what they
are looking at and how long they stared at it for. Wingman continuously monitors all
activity on your website and lets you talk to clients as though they were standing right in
front of you.

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