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This link relates to securing your personal or company data from potential unsolicited email correspondence relating to that address.  If you are looking to purchase/register a website address click here.

Website Address protection

A constant annoyance for individuals who own website addresses or rather domain names is the frequent spam emails.  These range from untruthful warnings to the address owner that it is about to expire or that some other company is about to register a similar domain name as yours in another country.

As your domain name is unique no other company anywhere in the world can register the name.

It is relatively easy for a person to produce a script to extract your contact details from the various registries.

The good news is that Webnerd offer our clients ID Protect.  This service removes the domain owners email address and other particulars from all whois searches and ensures that a person, interested in doing business with you, visits your website.

Speak to one of our consultants about setting up ID Protect on all or some of your website addresses.

ID Protect now only R59 per year per domain.

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