SSL for a safer internet

Do you always check the URL of the site you are about to send money to. 

It is possible that the site that you are visiting is not the site you wanted to visit.  It is also possible that the information you are typing - passwords and so on are being monitored.  The solution for this is quite simple. 

Always - always check at the very least that the site you are visiting has the site lock symbol in your browser input bar.  This may be on the left or right of the bar depending on your browser with ultimate security being where you can read the name of the company in the bar. 

This means that the company was verified by an independant authority who warrants that the site you wanted is the site you are visiting.

SSL for a safer internet

Company validation

This service is usually defined by the EV part of the certificate name.  This means that not only is the website address valid but the website owner is validated as well.

This certificate offers more comfort to the potential shopper not sure if they are at the correct address and would like to see that the website owner is in fact the company they wish to purchase from.

Depending on your browser this will mean that you will see the company name next to the green lock in the top left of the url bar.

Prevent website hacking

"Help - my website was hacked".  If you've ever had to type these words in an online search, you will know the dreadful feeling associated with having a website, that you no longer have any control over.  Whatever your customers and competitors are currently viewing is being controlled by someone else.

This is not a great moment, worse yet neither the feeling nor the actual threat goes away until you repair it.  You can do this by calling Webnerd or start a crash-course in online attacks.

The best approach is to prevent this from ever happening in the first place.  This is why Webnerd offer the Symantec range of SSL certificates which besides, site verification, they also monitor your website against these types of attacks.

"Great" you say, "good info for tomorrow - but what about now?"

Never fear, If you've been attacked give our nerds a call. They will quickly get your site up and running again.

What is a certificate authority?

A certificate authority also known as a CA is a company whose purpose it is to validate the digital signature of a signed digital certificate.  This company is known as a trusted third party or (TTP).

To explain this concept consider the following scenario.

Client A wants to send an email to Client B, however Client B needs some form of guarantee that Client A was the original sender.  Client A approches a company that both client A and client B agree is a trusted third party.

The trusted company then provides a certificate to client A which accompanies the content of the email sent to client B.  On reciept of the email client b's email service checks with the trusted company to check that the certificate is valid.

If it is then Client B is sure that the sender is client A.  This works the same technically as if client A had "signed" the email.

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